Quirks and Idiosyncrasies

I really have no idea why I do some of the things I do.  I don’t normally pay attention to these idiosyncrasies during my day-to-day tasks, but when I start talking to someone about them it makes me sound INSANE!  At this point in my life, I’m thinking I should just accept them and move on.  So then I have to ask myself, why am I compelled to continue these behaviors?  Why does it make me feel better to carry on the way I do?  What interests me even more is that I know for a fact after writing this that there will be many people who will divulge some of their own self-made insanity.  With that being said, I thought it would be entertaining to describe a few of my own quirky behaviors and see who else shares my lunacy.  As I was creating my list, I realized that these actions began falling into one of two categories:  1. Actions that have a purpose and 2. Actions that serve no purpose.  Let’s take a walk together through the madness that is Robyn, shall we?

Many of my behaviors developed for a reason or started out of a habit brought about many years ago.  For example, when I was in high school, I worked at Eckerd Drugs.  This job required me to work the cash register and handle money throughout my shift.  It was suggested to me by my manager that I turn all of the bills in the same direction so that in case someone tried to make a switch when I wasn’t looking that it would be highly unlikely that the money would line up with the rest of the bills.  Makes sense for a business!  So why is it that to this day that all of my bills in my wallet (assuming there are some) are not only turned and facing the same way but are also in order based on dollar amount?  Am I really afraid someone is going to make a switch in my wallet?  Additionally, after watching the movie Sleeping With The Enemy and working at Eckerd Drugs, I got into the habit of turning all of the cans in my pantry the same direction.  This also applies to my dishes, cups, and most other things in my house.  It just makes everything look more orderly.

Keeping with the same “serves a purpose” category, there are some things I do that just make my life a bit easier.  If you were to step into my closet, you’d see that everything is color coordinated.  I have several groupings.  These include: black/grey, red/orange/pink, pj’s, white, brown, yellow, green, and blue/purple.  I do this so that if I decide I’m looking for a red shirt I don’t have to spend time perusing the plethora of tops to find one in the correct hue.  Along the same lines, after a shirt or pair of jeans is taken off a hanger, they are arranged in the utility room by type.  Again, this allows me to quickly find the type of hanger I need when I’m doing the dreaded task of my never-ending hamper of laundry.  Finally in this grouping, I will divulge my secret superhero identity to you all.  I am known around my house as “The Level-er!!!”  I know…sounds intimidating!!  I transform into this alter-ego whenever a picture isn’t parallel to the floor.  I will even go as far as fixing pictures in restaurants and other people’s homes should my internal “bubble” detector go off.  My powers are especially heightened when I am helping to build something and it not only has to be level, but plumb as well.  (Please note:  I didn’t want to call myself “The Plumb-er” as it doesn’t have the same ring to it!)  In these cases I will quickly transform into “The Level-er” and, using my handy dandy tool, I will ensure that no harm will come to the project because something is a half-a-bubble off.

I think I would be okay had these been my only quirks, but as I mentioned earlier, those are only the ones that serve a purpose.  There are FAR more that don’t!  Some of these include always taking an even number of crackers out of a sleeve.  When it comes to eating a meal, I always eat one thing at a time on my plate.  I don’t mind my food to mix and I will do that on purpose most of the time, but I usually will start with one item on my plate and only when it is completely gone will I move on to the next.

The only thing I can attribute the next three to must be from my experience in band.  If you didn’t already know that I was involved in band from 7th grade through college, then you may need to get acquainted with my many Facebook friends for some wonderful stories about “this one time at band camp!”  Because it was always important to keep in step with the music, I notice that whenever I am walking with someone else I tend to walk in step.  Also while walking, I always make it a point not to step on a crack and will adjust my stride accordingly possibly even counting the steps in between each crack to make sure I’m uniform.  Occasionally, when I happen to be somewhere that has either a tiled floor or carpet tiles that run parallel and perpendicular to each other, I will make sure I walk only on the tiles that are lined up in the direction I’m walking.

There are plenty of other fixations that can make me crazy as well.  Outlet and switch plates drive me nuts when the flat head screws aren’t turned so the line points up and down.  My fireplace mantel has been a bone of contention with me since we first moved in because it isn’t symmetrical.  Symmetry is VERY important to my brain apparently!!  Along the same lines, I like items to be evenly spaced.  If something is off a bit you better believe that I will go out of my way to adjust things accordingly.  Finally, if I am playing one of many games on Bejeweled Blitz and I’m ready to go to bed, I have to make sure that my final game score is over 100,000 or I’ll keep playing until it is.

There are days that I wonder how I make it through without doing at least one of the quirky behaviors I’ve mentioned.  I’d like to think that these are perceived as endearing, but I guess it depends on the person to whom they are directed.  In the event that my skills are needed either to reorganize your pantry or reattach your outlet plates, rest well knowing that it will be done to exact specifications…my specifications, but exact nonetheless.  I’m also thinking I may need to come up with some theme music and a costume when “The Level-er” has to leap into action.  Let’s see…that means I’ll have to make sure I have the right hangers to properly hold the costume…and a new category for “Superhero attire” in my closet…and I may get hungry for some crackers…



About robynthorn

I'm just a girl learning that I'm perfectly normal after all these years.
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