Random Reasons for Owning an iPhone

For the last several years I have been the proud owner of an iPhone.  I never thought as I was growing up playing my Atari and talking on my rotary dial phone that I would one day have something that would not only allow me to play games and make calls (at the same time), but would be small enough to fit in my pocket!!  My how things have changed over the years!  I’ve found so many great uses for my iPhone that I thought I’d share some with you in case you were pondering whether or not to buy one.  These are obviously in no particular order.

  • Reason #47:  Makes a great nightlight so you don’t trip on a toy your dog felt the need to leave in your bedroom doorway.
  • Reason #117:  Provides a way to quickly capture that priceless moment when your husband scares the crap out of your mother when telling of his “Dogjaw” disease.
  • Reason #92:  Is a quick way to determine who wins the bet as to when Mt. St. Helens actually erupted.  (Jason won this one!!…BTW, don’t EVER make a bet with my brother!!)
  • Reason #38:  You don’t have to worry about your husband/boyfriend/father/or anyone with an XY chromosome getting lost because the directions are at your fingertips.
  • Reason #12:  www.damnyouautocorrect.com.  If you haven’t checked this out, you are seriously missing out on some hilarious shi…stuff!  Just a warning, you might want to put on some Depends and make sure you aren’t drinking something before reading these or you may find a wet mess in one place or another! 😉
  • Reason #56:  You can find all sorts of resources to help self-diagnose those strange sonorous symptoms you’ve been experiencing since you started your all-broccoli and cabbage diet.
  • Reason #7:  When you can’t find anything on the radio, just plug in your phone and in just seconds you can be listening to anything from Mr. Manilow to Metallica to Eminem…wait, doesn’t everyone have this range of music on their iPod?!  If not, then just find a radio station on one of the millions of apps out there…and yes, you can rest assured, there is one for Barry Manilow!
  • Reason #126:  As stated previously in my Facebook status – It gives you something to do while standing in LONG lines at HEB the day before the Superbowl.
  • Reason #85:  You no longer have to guess if the weather is right for the outfits you see people at Walmart wearing…not that it really matters to them anyways!
  • Reason #2:  It’s always better to wake up to Kid Rock singing to you than that stupid buzzer or chimes!!
  • Reason #61:  When traveling, it will help you remember what time it is so you don’t call your loved ones and wake them up at 5:30 am because it’s 6:30 pm where you are and you’re just getting off work for the day.
  • Reason #23:  It quickly becomes a virtual “Reader’s Digest” or distraction of sorts if the need should arise during a bathroom “bombing run.”  (This is mostly for the guys!)

Sure I could go on and on, but I’d much rather end things with some good bathroom humor and see what all the other iPhone addicts…er…I mean owners can come up with!!

About robynthorn

Robyn Thorn is just a girl learning that she’s perfectly normal after all these years. She has been blogging for several years and can often be found singing the night away at her local karaoke establishments. Although she has no children of her own, she is Aunt Bobbyn to many. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Communications and finds that this fits her personality perfectly. She is a certified Zumba® instructor, an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, and holds a Texas Secondary Teaching Certificate in Speech Communications. Robyn has also been a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas since 2011. She is the author and publisher of "We're All Rubber Bands: Finding happiness with who you are."
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