Things I Know

As a continuation of my previous blog about Lessons I’ve Learned, I would now like to present you with Things I Know…which are mostly due to lessons I’ve learned.  Oh well…here you go!

  • Life isn’t fair.  Anyone who tells you differently is not of this planet.
  • I am very blessed to have the family and friends I do.
  • I don’t pooper scoop nearly as often in the winter as I do during the other three seasons.
  • I have muscles in places I never realized…and many times I only discover them either after a workout or after hurting myself…or both.
  • It is possible to make the same mistake multiple times and learn a new lesson with each recurrence.
  • Not only do I not know everything, but I don’t WANT to know everything.  My brain is crowded enough as it is.
  • The universe is not only stranger than I imagine, but it is stranger than I CAN imagine.
  • Holding a baby or petting a dog is good therapy.
  • It’s less painful to learn from someone else’s mistakes than it is my own.
  • Your siblings really can be your friends regardless of whether or not they chased you around the house with a knife when you were younger.
  • Old habits are very hard to break…especially the older you get!
  • I hate the feeling when I notice my phone battery is almost dead and I have no way to charge it.
  • It is possible to lose a wireless mouse in your husband’s gym shoe for over a week.
  • When one dog is ready to come back inside the other is always ready to go out.  This is what I refer to as the “tag team” method.  My dogs are extremely good at this!!
  • It is okay to eat dessert first every once in a while.
  • Of all the things I’ve lost in my life, I’m glad I can always find where I left my sense of humor.

About robynthorn

I'm just a girl learning that I'm perfectly normal after all these years.
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