A few years ago I was at home and something amazing happened. I can’t remember what it was, but my first reaction was to call my mom and tell her. As I was approaching the end of the story, my mom stopped me and said that I had already told her about this. I said that it had just happened and she was the first person I had told. Her response should really be put onto a shirt. She said to me, “Oh. It’s amazing how quickly we forget the things we didn’t already know!” I had to write that one down!!  My parents are full of gems like that. I never know what they’ll say next. Pondering this memory tonight got me thinking not about all the things I know, but rather about all the things I’ve forgotten over the years.

I’ve always been the kind of person who remembers my dreams. I don’t just recall bits and pieces of them, but every single detail about them. It always fascinates me when I wake up from such a crazy or scary or emotional dream that I think will change me forever only to forget the whole thing by the time I’ve finished drying my hair. Considering how often I remember my dreams, I’ve probably forgotten thousands of them over my lifetime. That’s crazy to think about.

Speaking of drying my hair…I can’t tell you how many times an idea for a blog has popped into my head, and I almost write the entire blog with my head flipped upside down. I tell myself that this brilliant idea will still be there when I have time to sit down and write…and then…yep! GONE! The harder I try to remember them, the deeper into my subconscious my ideas sink until there’s no sign of them anywhere. I finally wised up and started jotting down the ideas on my phone so I’d at least have a starting place when I do find I have some free time. The only bad thing about this is that I find the inspiration doesn’t flow like it did when the idea first popped into my upside down head. There’s no telling how many thought-provoking blog posts have been lost into my neural quicksand.

So now I wonder what other things I’ve forgotten. I KNOW that I no longer know much of what I learned in school and in college. Once the test was done that information was GONE! I’m sure I’ve also forgotten many people over the years who I felt were important at the time. Now, they’re not even a distant memory. Will I continue to forget things? Sure, but I just hope that the important things stick. Unfortunately, where I park my car on a daily basis is a memory made of Teflon.

About robynthorn

Robyn Thorn is just a girl learning that she’s perfectly normal after all these years. She has been blogging for several years and can often be found singing the night away at her local karaoke establishments. Although she has no children of her own, she is Aunt Bobbyn to many. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Communications and finds that this fits her personality perfectly. She is a certified Zumba® instructor, an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, and holds a Texas Secondary Teaching Certificate in Speech Communications. Robyn has also been a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas since 2011. She is the author and publisher of "We're All Rubber Bands: Finding happiness with who you are."
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