Just the flip I needed!

I forgot! It’s not like me to forget, but nonetheless I did. I forgot how good it feels to take care of me for a change. I guess life sometimes gets in the way, and it takes a moment of clarity to serve as a catalyst. I’ve done it many times before. I’ve had that amazing feeling that comes from knowing you’re doing something to better yourself.  Lately those times have been few and very far between. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s been put on the back burner, and it made me think of the time I just needed a flip.

If you’ve ever been to Texas during the summer, you know it can get miserably hot. Now I know that we’re right in the middle of a love affair between Old Man Winter and a very confused Mother Nature, but bear with me; I swear I’m going somewhere with this. Getting into your car during the summer months is brutal, and if you’ve ever felt the hot metal from a seat belt burning your flesh you know what I mean. Because of this, many of us have chosen to purchase those nifty doodle sun visors to help reduce the amount of sweltering heat our vehicles can produce…that is unless you’re one of those crazy people who likes to bake cookies on the dash of your car. (Yes, people really do that here!!) I too am one of those who jumped on the visor bandwagon in an attempt to save myself from third degree burns in July.

Now of course I didn’t get one of those accordion visors or even one that folds neatly. Nope! I inherited mine from my amazing parents, and it’s one that you have to know how to twist just right in order to collapse it into a little a space about a quarter of its original size. After what felt like months of faking that twisting process, usually with my tongue sticking out to help aid in the process, I finally figured it out. My problem then was I couldn’t figure out why the stupid things kept falling down when I’d put them in the window. I’d try resting one on the other. I tried wedging them behind the rearview mirror. I even tried balancing each visor just right so it would serve at least the majority of its purpose. Of course I’d usually just curse them when the fell, say, “SCREW IT,” and get out of the car knowing it was going to be ridiculously hot no matter what I did.

It wasn’t until one day, while being blinded by the sun, that a light bulb went off in my head. The answer to this frustrating problem was a simple flip. You see, each visor wasn’t a square, it turned out that it was a rectangle. You almost can’t tell as the edges are rounded. Apparently, I had been trying to balance them on the long side which was making them too short to be held in place. Once the flip occurred I could hear the angelic chorus singing, “Hallelujah!!” It worked!!! Now I’m sure it may have made my car a few degrees cooler (if any), but at least I had solved the mystery of the great visor debacle. All that trouble and the answer was a simple flip.

Just like my visor conundrum, my life can use a flip every so often. When the flip occurs, I find it usually makes a world of difference. So far I’m enjoying the new outlook. Here’s hoping you find your flip!!


About robynthorn

I'm just a girl learning that I'm perfectly normal after all these years.
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