I’ve been a fan of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for a long time. I love the original series which takes place in Las Vegas and have probably seen every episode more than once. One of my favorite parts is always the opening scene for one main reason – the zinger at the end. It’ll be some line like, “There’s always a first for everything,” or “Looks like he lost his head.” I always get a kick out of it, and I wonder who will get to say “the line.” So as I’m watching yet another episode tonight, I realized it would be pretty funny to write a series of blogs with the title being the zinger from each episode. I’m not saying I’m going to do that for sure, but it did inspire me to at least start the series. I guess now I have yet another reason to brush up on my crime drama.


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I'm just a girl learning that I'm perfectly normal after all these years.
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One Response to CSInspiration

  1. Mommala says:

    CSI is one of my favorites. There are several crime drama shows that use a “zinger.”


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