Showering Thoughts

A while back I wrote a blog referring to my discovery about brushing my teeth called Short, Sweet, Pointless. Today, thanks to an article I read, I now have a new pondering thought that I’d like to pose to you. While showering, into which category do you fall?

  1. Face the showerhead
  2. Face away from the showerhead
  3. Both face it and face away from it evenly throughout the showering process

Now, when choosing a category, I want you to pick the answer that pertains the majority of your shower. As with most situations, people tend to think that everyone does the same thing. After all, only weird people would do something different, right?! As for me, I face away from the showerhead. It has never made sense to me that one would face it. Doing so makes it hard to breathe unless you’ve somehow eaten some Gillyweed and have grown gills. (Where are my Harry Potter fans?!)

I have further wondered if the choice above is dependent upon the below categories:

  • Gender
  • Length of hair
  • Height in comparison to location of showerhead
  • Water pressure

I don’t really know how I made the decision of which direction to face. I guess it’s like choosing a side of the bed. Why I sleep on that side is a mystery. It’s not as if it is more comfortable than where I normally sleep, yet it feels odd to have the edge of the bed on the other side. I guess what this boils down to is that in the shower I don’t want to drown while in my bed…well…I’m just weird.


About robynthorn

I'm just a girl learning that I'm perfectly normal after all these years.
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