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We Meat Again

Last November, after Thanksgiving, I decided to take a break from meat. I’m not really sure why to be honest. I guess I’d had my fill. I didn’t do it to prove a point or because I was protesting anything, … Continue reading

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We All Have Our Struggles

We all have personal struggles that we deal with that shape who we are. This one is an ongoing challenge in my life. Continue reading

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Sometimes I stop and wonder

Spend any time with a child and you’ll find yourself being asked the craziest questions. I love the utter fascination they have with everything they experience. It’s always captivated me how a kid’s mind works, but I’m also finding that … Continue reading

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Why Do We Fall?

I love food!!!  I have always loved food.  To me, if a little of something is good then A LOT of the same thing must be AWESOME!  I am very good at rationalizing why I’m eating something I probably don’t … Continue reading

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