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We All Have Our Struggles

We all have personal struggles that we deal with that shape who we are. This one is an ongoing challenge in my life. Continue reading

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The Good Bye

Change is inevitable. We’ve all heard that saying, but even more importantly, we’ve all experienced it. Sometimes change is met with open arms, but many times we find ourselves reluctant to move ahead because of the hurt or the unknowns. … Continue reading

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Little Did He Know

I recently was introduced to a group of people who worked with a friend of mine. It was very obvious that I was the oldest one at the table as they all seemed to be in their 20’s. Sitting at … Continue reading

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1,000 Miles

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  This quote has been playing over and over in my mind the last week.  With all daunting tasks, it usually seems easier when we break them down into smaller parts … Continue reading

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This Time

This time is different.  This time it has to be different.  I will not undo everything that I’ve done.  I know that I’m back on track making better decisions.  This time I’m doing it for ME!  These are thoughts that … Continue reading

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Why Do We Fall?

I love food!!!  I have always loved food.  To me, if a little of something is good then A LOT of the same thing must be AWESOME!  I am very good at rationalizing why I’m eating something I probably don’t … Continue reading

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